Our purpose is to spread the message of Jesus Christ through the preaching of the Gospel and His unconditional love and grace for us through the teachings of His Word the Bible.


The three weekend rallies are held in May, July, and September, where we provide adult and youth morning bible studies, love feasts, times of fellowship, youth activities, regular evening services, and a nightly campfire with singing.


The camp is available to other Christian groups to use with approval from the board and we encourage everyone to consider using these wonderful facilities for meetings, retreats, etc.  The camp was founded by Reverend’s Earl & Ethel Waterman in 1969 as a non-profit camp that is run completely on faith.  Support comes from the friends and family of the conference.


Harbinger is located halfway up Dalton Mountain in Dalton, NH, between Littleton and Whitefield, NH. From high up on Dalton Mountain you can look down and view the majestic mountains and appreciate the in spiring work of God’s creation. During your time at camp, you may want to take a hike or swim at Burn’s Pond or at Forest Lake State Park.


From the beginning, Harbinger has been a faith work sustained by God’s faithfulness, freewill offerings, and pledges from our members and friends. This work has ministered to hundreds of people over the years, and people from all walks of life have been brought into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. People have commented that when they step onto these grounds, they feel the presence of the Lord.


If you are planning to attend and need accommodation, please contact us at least 2- 3 weeks before the rally. For rooms, call 1-603-809-1954. For trailer and campsite reservations, please call 1-970-261-8589. You can also use our Contact Page!


Harbinger board members

Don Ducharme, President
Barb DeRaleau, Secretary
Peggy Ducharme, Treasurer
Scott Toms
Arnold Rousseau